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Server Gameplay/Rules

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Bannerlands – A Continent of War
Bannerlands is the first version of a new hybrid of PVP and PVE in minecraft. Here are the basics.
Factions own territories, each of which are 512x512m. Within this territory, no players from outside the faction are permitted to attack them, build, mine or otherwise interact with the area. The map consists of a grid of 18x18 territories for 324 in total over an area 9km^2. Factions may purchase un-owned territory at an exponentially increasing cost as they grow, or they may declare scheduled battles to conquer territory from other factions. Maps of territories and list of factions can be found Here.
In addition to the forum rules, you are expected to abide by the following:
• Do not construct provocative buildings
• Do not use anything that would grant an unfair advantage. This means you should also disable any minimap mod.
• Follow the restrictions of the server
• Do not completely destroy the marked boundaries between territories.
Failing to follow these rules will result in removal from the whitelist. We do not rely on plugins to keep order (this is a vanilla server), so, like when playing boardgames, you are expected to abide by the rules even if they are not rigidly enforced by programming.
What can I do and not do?
Actions you are permitted to take depend upon the ownership of the territory you are in.

When in doubt, check what territory you are in before you begin doing something.
The server has a whitelist which you will need to apply for in the "Whitelist Applications" section. Simply make a thread containing your minecraft user name and a moderator will process it ASAP.
The IP is
Basic Gameplay Changes
The game difficulty is set to "Easy". Mob Griefing is set to False. The server currently has a maximum of 20 players.
Dirt Paths
The server uses a command block setup developed by the youtube channel "Accidental Games" called Desire Paths. This will cause dirt and course dirt paths to automatically form along frequently travelled routes. You can also use this to track other players, as they will leave dirt patches as they travel.
Factions have the following properties.
Name: The name of a faction. For the sake of avoiding confusion, this can never change, so make sure you are certain about what you are going to name it.
Banner: A custom minecraft banner for the faction. To found the faction, you need to give an Admin your faction’s banner design (but not an actual banner). Design your banner at
Owner: The player who created the faction. Can change the owners and commanders and do everything else a commander can do as well.
Commander: May declare wars, purchase territory, accept players into the faction and also expel players.
Members: General players in the faction, who gain access to all the benefits of the territory that the faction owns.
Territories: Areas of the map owned by the faction gained through either conquest or purchases.
Admins and Moderators of the server are responsible for updating the faction list with new information and maintaining it with player and commander lists. When anything changes about your faction, please notify an Admin or Moderator ASAP so they can ensure that this change is recorded.
Factions are to police themselves. Admins are not responsible for what faction members do to each-other; it’s up to the owner to kick out disruptive members. The internal politics of your faction is also irrelevant from the perspective of the rules as long as it ends up with 1 Owner.
Faction Abandonment
If the owner of a faction is absent for a long period of time, a new owner will be chosen from the commanders of that faction. If there are no commanders, it will be chosen from the members. If there are no members remaining and the faction is without an owner, it is immediately abandoned. All its territories become unowned.
Battles are scheduled event where one faction with territory attacks another faction’s adjacent territory (Not diagonally adjacent). The goal of the attacking faction is to destroy an obsidian block placed within the territory within 20 minutes. The defending faction needs to protect this obsidian. If the attacker wins, they take control of the territory.
Planning a Battle
The Owner or commander of a faction must declare an attack on a faction the day before it takes place (in GMT). They must state what territory they are attacking from, and the adjacent territory they are targeting with their attack. An admin or moderator will then schedule the battle for some time between 6PM and 12PM the next day.
To declare a battle, the faction needs to pay a cost in hay bales (an army marches on it's stomach). The cost increases with the number of battles that faction has declared that day. The first battle costs 50 bales, the second 500 bales and the third 5,000 bales. Factions may not declare more than 3 battles in one day.
Additional factions are permitted to join the attacking or defending side whenever they wish before the battle begins.
Battle Setup
Before the battle itself begins, the attackers and defenders should make preparations in the respective attacking and defending territories. Specifically, attackers are only permitted to enter the territory they are attacking through the territory which they are attacking from.
A moderator will consult the defending side for a suitable place to put their obsidian. The obsidian must be placed with open access to the air and not below the ground level of the area. The attackers will be told of the general location of the obsidian such as “Inside the fortress courtyard”.
Fighting the Battle
During the battle, the territory being attacked counts as an ‘unowned’ territory for all participants in terms of permissions. The attackers are permitted to destroy loot and even build their way to victory. The attackers win immediately upon destroying the obsidian block. The defenders win if this doesn’t happen for 20 mins after the battle begins. Both sides are permitted to respawn within their respective attacking or defending territory an unlimited number of times. The attacking faction may not use devices constructed outside the attacked territory to attack it (such as a TNT cannon), but may build these inside the territory during the battle.
Cleanup Phase
After the battle, the obsidian is removed from the territory if it hadn’t already been destroyed. If the defending faction won, no change happens. If the attacking faction won, they will gain control of the territory and the server territory map will be updated to reflect this.
Buying territories
All factions may buy unowned territory. The cost of an unowned territory is based upon the following formula. X=50 ×1.3^N Where X is the cost of the territory in iron (rounded up) and N is the number of territories already owned by the faction. This means the first few territories are cheap, but the cost rapidly grows greater. If the faction already has territory, then territory it buys must be adjacent to a territory it already owns (not counting diagonals). The faction that purchases a territory gets to name it.
The Nether
The Nether is essentially a permanent unowned territory. You are permitted to build portals from the overworld to the nether but not from the nether to the overworld so that you do not create portals in territory you don’t own.
Spawn Territory
The admins and moderators permanently own one territory on the map where new players spawn. You cannot declare an attack on this territory.
Memebers of any existing faction with territory can perform a rebellion, creating a new faction and instantly taking control of some of their former faction's territory.
Forming a Rebellion
A rebellion can be declared by any member of a faction against their faction. As soon as they declare a rebellion, they are removed from the faction and must go through the process of creating a new faction. They then have 48 hours to gain additional rebels from the faction they are rebelling against. People removed from the faction are permitted to form a rebellion for 24 hours, and may join a rebellion if they were removed in the 24 hours preceeding a rebellion being formed or the 48 hours after a rebellion being formed. Faction leaders cannot create or join a rebellion.
Enacting a Rebellion
After 48 hours of gathering additional members, the Rebellion splits off, gaining a fraction of territory from it's parent faction. This fraction is based upon the number of rebels, and the rank the rebels formerly held. The exact calculations will be handled by moderators, but are listed below if you want them. Any changes to ranks that occured within the 24 hours preceding a rebellion being declared, and the 48 hours afterwards, are ignored for the purpose of determining the fraction. This prevents a faction leader from demoting or removing any threats to them to destroy the rebellion before it gets started.
Once the number of territories the rebels will recieve is determined, the leader of the ORIGINAL faction gets to decide what territories the rebels aquire; this is to prevent minor rebellions from immedietely seizing the capital, which would be a likely outcome if rebels chose what territories they gained.
The newly created faction, after gaining territory, functions as any other faction. They can choose to pursue peaceful relations with their parent faction, attempt to completely conquer it, or pursue any other goal. If the fraction of territory it gets is so low as to result in it gaining 0 territories, the rebelling faction is immedietely disolved.
Territory Calculation
The parent faction is considered to be made up of a number of Shares based upon the players it had 24 hours before the rebellion. 25 shares for the leader, 5 shares for each Commander and 1 share per player with no higher rank. The rebelling faction recieves shares based upon how many players it attracts to it's side at the same rate, 5 shares per commander and 1 per player.
The number of territories that the rebels get is then calculated as follows. Territories gained = Territories of parent faction * ( Rebelling Faction Shares / Parent Faction Shares), rounded down.
Example: A faction with 1 leader, 3 commanders, 12 players and 11 territories has a rebellion consisting of 2 commanders and 5 players. The original faction shares is 52 and the rebelling faction shares is 14.
11 * ( 15 / 52 ) is 3.17, which is then rounded down to 3 territories chosen by the original faction leader.
How do I prevent my stuff from getting destroyed or captured in battle?
There is no guaranteed way to protect your stuff. However, there are precautionary measures you can take. Join a strong faction that has a territory far away from borders with other factions, ensuring it takes multiple difficult enemy victories before your stuff can be touched. Help protect your faction in battles so that enemies cannot reach your stuff. If all else fails, you can defect to the attacking side on the condition that they leave your stuff alone if you think they are going to capture your home territory.
A player from outside my faction is griefing my faction’s territory, what do I do?
Report it to an admin or moderator immediately and they will investigate.
Can I build in another factions territory if given permission?
Yes, but this permission must be given by the faction's owner or commanders.
Are there any item types that are unavailable?
Since this is a custom-made map, there are several items that do not appear on the map and cannot be created.
As far as I am aware, the only unobtainable items on the map are those unique to the End, Horse Armour, Sea Lanterns, Prismarine Bricks and Sponges.
Rare items that you have to obtain in a different method from normal:
Name Tags, Enchanted Books and Saddles need to be obtained by fishing.
Granite, Diorite, Andesite, Prismarine and Dark Prismarine can be found below the mountain ranges, but I am not going to be more specific than that.
Potatos and Carrots are rare drops from Zombies.
We currently do not accept donations of any kind. I am entirely happy to pay for the server out of my own pocket.
Should the server grow beyond what I am able to spend on it, I will start accepting donations. Players will never receive any in-game benefit, cosmetic or otherwise, for any donation.
Rules for Moderators
Moderators are entirely permitted to play the game as any other player outside of their moderating duty. As a result, there are rules that strictly govern what moderators are permitted and not permitted to do.
Moderators are not to use their powers beyond enforcing the rules and setting up battles. This means no spawning items for themselves outside of the one obsidian block needed for battles. Moderators cannot manage the battles and territory acquisitions of the faction they belong to, this must be handled by another moderator.


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